Karls Drama Group

One-Act Plays and Sketches: 2015

Thursday/Friday, 15th/16th January; 7pm

Musiksaal (Room 307)



  • “Elementary Dating”
  • “Some information, please”
  • “Conservative Conference”
  • “American Welcome”
  • “Laughing Wild”


One-Act Plays

 1) Alan Ayckbourn, “Mother Figure”

Stressed-out Lucy, mother and housewife, separates herself from the outside world and is thus only able to communicate through baby talk. When her next-door neighbours – shy Rosemary and dominant Terry– enter this world of isolation and chaos, they are treated in a highly strange way.

Rosemary: Riza-Maria Berz (JS1)                   

Lucy: Friederike Badenhausen (JS1)

Terry: Oleg Stepanov (JS1)


2) Alan Ayckbourn, “A Talk in the Park”

Five complete strangers sit on five different bark benches – all of them in an emotional state of complete misery and frustration. Every single character tries to tell someone his or her life story. At the same time, however, every single character ignores the other, thus being unwilling to listen to a single word …

Arthur: Jasper Graeve (JS2)

Beryl: Anna Zoldina (JS2)

Charles: Ronja Reinisch (JS2)

Doreen: Melanie Wältken (JS2)

Ernest: Tino Lenk (JS2)