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One-Act Plays and Sketches: 2013


  • “A Bad Dream”
  • “How I became a teacher”
  • “Job Interview”


One-Act Plays

 1. John Bowen, „Silver Wedding“

When Julian arrives home late for the celebration of his silver wedding, deep-rooted marital problems and hidden secrets become revealed. Then Julian is asking the crucial questions: “What is there to celebrate?”

Audrey: Esther Melchinger (JS1)                         

Julian: Marcel Schliebs (JS1)


2. Noël Coward, „Woman and Whiskey“

Major Curtis is both a confirmed bachelor and an expert in keeping women at distance.

Major Curtis: Jonathan Müller (JS2)                 

Mrs Vandeleur: Franziska Badenhausen (JS2)

Norah Chalmers: Anna Tōth (JS2)                   

Loner: Henri Allgöwer (JS1)


3. Alan Ayckbourn, „Between Mouthfuls“

Two couples happen to dine at the same restaurant at two nearby tables. There is bossy Donald Pearce and his frustrated wife Emma. Polly and Martin, the slightly younger couple, appear to be more distanced and disinterested in each other. Bit by bit, the characters reveal their true colours and feelings and the conflicts are about to escalate …

Waiter: Tessa Renner (JS1)

Donald Pearce: Nuno Dehmel (JS1)

Emma Pearce: Pia Siegele (JS1)                    

Polly: Paula Pantleon (JS1)

Martin: Gereon Berz (JS2)