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Alan Ayckbourn, Bedroom Farce

The comedy concerns one quite eventful Saturday night and is entirely set in people’s bedrooms.

The first bedroom is occupied by an ageing pair, Delia and Ernest, who are celebrating their wedding anniversary, the second by Malcolm and Kate, who are giving a house-warming party, and the third by Jan and self-centred Nick, who are friends of Malcolm and Kate, Jan also being an old flame of Delia and Ernest’s son, Trevor. It is the fourth couple, Trevor and his neurotic wife Susannah, who are having marital problems and who cause all the trouble and confusion on this particular Saturday night. One thing is certain: Nobody gets a good night’s sleep.

Cast members:

Ernest: Gereon Berz (10a)              

Delia: Patricia Pantleon (JS1)

Jan: Lisa Arbogast (JS1)

Nick: Lukas Kammerlander (JS1)

Kate: Sophia Schroth (JS1)

Malcolm: Felix Ebert (JS1)

Trevor: Maximilian Feszler (JS1)

Susannah: Alissa Renz (JS1)                 


Delia:         You can tell a great deal from people’s bedrooms.

Ernest:       Can you? Good heavens. (He looks about)

Delia:         If you know what to look for.