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One-Act Plays and Sketches: 2011


  • “Welcome to Hell”
  • “A Ride in a Rolls”
  • “The Stepsister speaks out”
  • “American Welcome”
  • “The Ritz”
  • “The Insulting Librarian”
  • “Slightly Mad”

One-Act Plays

1) Alan Ayckbourn, Countdown

This couple’s “communication” after dinner is a mixture of silence, spoken thoughts and an actual conversation on polite banalities. It becomes obvious that after 21 years of married life husband and wife have grown tired of each other’s little habits and familiar phrases.

Wife: Lydia Askani (10a)           Husband: Gereon Berz (10a)

2) David Campton, Cards, Cups and Crystal Ball

The three sisters Flora, Dora and Nora Weerd seem to have lost the family’s gift of predicting the future, which makes them quite unsuccessful fortune-tellers. Their situation completely changes when the mysterious Lady M., who is the embodiment of over-ambition and cold-bloodedness, appears to get news of her future …

Lady M.: Alissa Renz (JS1)                                   Nora: Sophia Schroth (JS1)

Flora: Patricia Pantleon (JS1)                               Jessie: Anneli Fischer (JS1)

Dora: Lisa Arbogast (JS1)

3) Stanley Houghton, The Fifth Commandment

Mrs Mountain, the British version of an imaginary invalid – a hypochondriac – , reduces the Bible’s Fifth Commandment “Thou shalt honour thy father and mother” to absurdity. She enjoys a most curious state of health. Her health situation can easily adapt to different external circumstances. What a gifted elderly lady she is – a highly talented actress! … However, there is always the chance of falling into one’s own trap.

Mrs Mountain: Katharina Badenhausen (JS2)

Nelly Mountain: Edina Albert (JS2)

Bob Painter: Felix Ebert (JS1)

Mr Shoosmith: Aron Seiffert (JS1)