Einträge von Frau Gentner

Alan Ayckbourn, Absent Friends (1974)

The comedy concerns one quite eventful Saturday evening and is entirely set in Diana and Paul’s living-room. Colin must be comforted in his grief over the death of his fiancée, which is why his so-called “best” friends arrange a tea party for him. Ironically enough, Colin seems to be the only happy character in the […]

One-Act Plays and Sketches: 2013

Sketches “A Bad Dream” “How I became a teacher” “Job Interview”   One-Act Plays  1. John Bowen, „Silver Wedding“ When Julian arrives home late for the celebration of his silver wedding, deep-rooted marital problems and hidden secrets become revealed. Then Julian is asking the crucial questions: “What is there to celebrate?” Audrey: Esther Melchinger (JS1)                       […]

Noël Coward, Hay Fever (1924)

Opening Act: Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (performed by JS1, Englischkurs Herr Schuster) The self-centred and eccentric Bliss family consists of Judith, a glamorous actress, David, a temperamental novelist, Sorel and Simon, two “awfully bad mannered” grown-up children. They all hate conventions, but love theatricality and treat their guests invited down for a summer weekend […]

One-Act Plays and Sketches: 2012

Sketches “The Professor” “On the Pier” “Up to date” “Father of the Bride Speech” One-Act Plays 1) The Interview Margaret Alexander, a professor of speech therapy, is applying for a high position at a university. During the job interview, however, she makes the biggest mistake possible and … Margaret: Lisa Arbogast (JS2)                         Donald: Felix Ebert […]

Alan Ayckbourn, Bedroom Farce

The comedy concerns one quite eventful Saturday night and is entirely set in people’s bedrooms. The first bedroom is occupied by an ageing pair, Delia and Ernest, who are celebrating their wedding anniversary, the second by Malcolm and Kate, who are giving a house-warming party, and the third by Jan and self-centred Nick, who are […]

One-Act Plays and Sketches: 2011

Sketches “Welcome to Hell” “A Ride in a Rolls” “The Stepsister speaks out” “American Welcome” “The Ritz” “The Insulting Librarian” “Slightly Mad” One-Act Plays 1) Alan Ayckbourn, Countdown This couple’s “communication” after dinner is a mixture of silence, spoken thoughts and an actual conversation on polite banalities. It becomes obvious that after 21 years of […]

Lady Windermere’s Fan

The world presented in Lady Windermere’s Fan is that of the fashionable English upper-middle-class society of the late 19th century – it is a world of dances, luncheons and tea ceremonies, but also one of moral strictness. The Duchess of Berwick, an aristocratic and snobbish grande dame, warns the morally good Lady Windermere about her […]